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Colour Confidence: Tips for Creating the Perfect Colour Scheme

Colour Confidence: Tips for Creating the Perfect Colour Scheme

One of the things I'm most frequently asked about as an Interior Designer is how to choose the perfect colour scheme. Devising a colour scheme is not rocket science but it can often be difficult to find the exact shade you're looking for and there are also lots of factors to consider when deciding what will work within a particular space. Here are a few of my current favourite colour schemes and a few professional pointers to consider when choosing colours for your home.


Mauve & Taupe: There's a lovely soft elegance to this colour scheme. I have always loved purple tones but they can be tricky to get right - the dusty shade of mauve on the feature fireplace here is subtle but extremely effective. And the use of a light taupe shade on the surrounding walls works beautifully with the mauve.

The deepest shade of blue:I love the deep, darkness of this blue colour. It's really nice to see that the colour has been carried through to the shelving on the back wall, which in turn unifies the entire space. And offsetting the dark wall colout with a bright neutral sofa works really well. The addition of a blue throw, blue cushions and the blue details in the rug brings the scheme together nicely.

Charcoal grey:  Undoubtably grey is the colour of the moment in interior design and while we're seeing a lot of pale and soft greys, charcoal grey is slightly less common but equally as stunning! For me, this shade brings elegance and sophistication to a space and it demonstrates a confidence with colour without being overwhelming.


Duck-egg blue and cream: This beautiful dusty duck-egg blue is one of my longstanding favourites. Painting a kitchen island unit in a shade that contrasts the units can be a really nice feature in a kitchen. This combination of the dusty blue and the light cream units makes for a gorgeous, bright kitchen.

Classic light and dark:

My final favourite is the black and cream scheme.  The room above with cream furnishings and textiles becomes super chic with the addition of the dramatic black wall. Although this room is lovely and bright, this look can also work well in a darker room. Oftentimes rather than trying to enhance brightness with paint colour, embracing the dark moodiness of the room with the use of a dark shade can be particularly effective.

A few painting pointers:

1. Lighting - remember that lighting plays havoc with paint colours meaning the same shade can look completely difference in two differently lit rooms. When testing your shades in the context of the room look at them throughout the day - you could love the colour in the bright morning light but in the evening when the room is dark and under artificial lighting you might not be as keen.

2. Testing - when testing your colour my tip is to always test a sample of the colour down by your skirting in a well lit area so that you can get a feel for how your skirting, flooring and paint colour will work together.

3. Surrounding items - bright or strongly coloured furnishings will impact on how a wall colour appears, so always consider the furnishings you are using and hold a sample of the colour up behind the furniture to make sure you're happy that they work together.

I hope that you find these ideas inspiring and helpful. If have any queries on colour selections you can send them via my contact page, I'm always happy to help.

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