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7 Celebrity Living Rooms to Love

7 Celebrity Living Rooms to Love

It's well known the team of stylists it takes to get a celeb looking red carpet ready, but less often spoken about is the equally skilled team it takes when it comes to styling celebrity homes.

Money doesn't necessarily buy great taste, but it can bag you a top designer which is almost the same thing. And although we may not have the same limitless budgets as Hollywood's elite, their homes are a great source of inspiration and ideas, as well as being a glimpse at the work of leaders in the field of design.

Here are seven celebrity living rooms that are the stuff design dreams are made of...

1. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi's Country Ranch Retreat - There is so much to love about this bright and rustic space - it's sophisticated and finished looking without being over styled. I love that they've got such a massive open fireplace and the stacked logs on either side is a really nice touch.

2. Camerion Diaz's New York Reception Room - Interestingly, Diaz took a lot of the lead on this design project herself before enlisting a professional designer (didn't think I could love her any more, but now I do!). The use of materials in this room is amazing - the wood panelled wall, the exquisite marble table and the variety of textures and shades. But the highlights of this space for me are the subtle pops of yellow and that amazing vase of flowers by the window.

3. Reese Witherspoon's Colourful Californian Ranch - Although this space is technically not a main living space (it's a feature of the actresses' daughter's bedroom) it is a great example of incorporating colour in a living room. The way the daybed is dressed alone, is like a masterclass in colour and texture. This feature, combined with the gorgeous pink and white vintage armchair and the soft green hue of the door, really demonstrates how colour and pattern can transform a blank canvas room. This would make for a gorgeous living room scheme with a big, comfy, white sofa.

4. Giorgio Armani's Contemporary Chill out - As a longstanding fashion icon this place was never going to be a let down! Cool, contemporary and uncomplicated, this space celebrates a sophisticated sense of style and high quality materials in a manner that's very reflective of the designers clean-cut aesthetic.

5. Lauren Conrad's Eclectic Entertaining Room - Lauren's eclectic room is beautifully bright and  airy, and although it has a lot of different themes going on, it completely works. The traditional style sofa , vintage coffee table and romantic chandelier give a fresh, eclectic feel complimented by a variety of patterned cushions, some giant modern lamps and an even more giant indoor plant. There's a lot to love about this space!

6. Aerin Lauder's Rich Blue Room - Granddaughter of makeup mogul Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder, who also runs a successful cosmetic and homeware line of her own, demonstrates a really bold and rich colour palette in this stunning space. A combination of deep blues, purples and greens make this room truly striking, but still warm and inviting. I love the chandelier and the presence of greenery in the room. This image doesn't offer a full view of the room but you can see more images on the link below.

7. Jennifer Aniston's Eastern Hideaway - This intimate and exotic living room overlooks a koi pond, brining nature and tranquility into a living space in a very innovative way. The room was designed by Stephen Shadley for Jennifer's Beverly Hills home - you can see the rest of his this amazing house from the link below the image.

It's almost impossible to pick a favourite of these, but for me the front runner is probably Reese Witherspoon's Californian ranch room, primarily for the use of colour and texture and because I am in love with that day bed! I also particularly like the dramatic colours and textures in Aerin's room and the warm and elegant, ranch look created in Ellen and Portia's rural residence.

Do you have a favourite of these living rooms? I'd love to know your thoughts - whether you love them or hate them!

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