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Love Your Rented Home: Tips For Enhancing Any Rented Space

Love Your Rented Home: Tips For Enhancing Any Rented Space

Although we never plan on living in rented accommodation forever, it often happens that we stay for much longer than originally planned. Working around the rules of renting and trying to create a comfortable yet stylish space can be difficult when there are housemates, landlords, questionable furnishings and deposits to consider. Well fear not, for these simple tips will help you to make the most of the space you have and create a rented home you'll love...

1. Work with what you have - rented homes often come with things we don't necessarily love or classify as 'our style', but have to live with nonetheless. Whether its the dodgy yellow walls or the battered looking coffee table, Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes to finding schemes that incorporate the things you're not so fond of in a stylish manner.

I love how Alex, aka the Interior DIYer, has embellished her not so favourite leather sofa with these rich, velvet fabrics and colours. What is about landlords and their love of leather sofas!? Thankfully, some luxurious textiles and strong colours can bring a little love to your leather!

 Image Source:  theinteriordiyer

Image Source: theinteriordiyer

2. Add colour through artwork- if painting the walls is not an option, hanging large, colourful paintings will help to brighten up a bland space. Use the key colours in the artwork you choose as the palette for the room and then you can accessorise accordingly.

Image source: decorology.blogspot

3. Live in the moment - one thing that we are all guilty of is holding back on buying things we love until we have a place of our own. However, investing in something you love and filling your home with things you want to look at will really help you enjoy the space a whole lot more. Don't just put up with what you have, because anything you buy can be brought with you when you get your own place. Whether it's the giant mirror or the expensive cushions you love, don't hold back for fear they won't work in your future home. Live for now and buy things that make you happy!

Image Source: interiorsdigital.com

4. Do ask - always ask your landlord if you can paint the walls. Oftentimes you can come to an agreement, even if it means painting them back to white again when you're leaving. Although feature walls are becoming something of a faux pas in the design world, painting just one wall will give you the impact you need and save you time if you need to repaint to get your deposit back.

5. Delph decor - this is a really simple but important thing for creating a home that you'll love and one you will want to invite your friends into. Yes, mismatching plates and cutlery can look super cool, but make sure you have some really nice quality kitchenware. If having friends over for food is something you enjoy doing, buying some decent crockery is a must! Plus, you can display it nicely and show it off like in this lovely image from designhund below...

6. Accessorise as though your life depends on it - it's amazing the power of a few great accessories, particularly if you're renting and the furniture is not your own style. Never underestimate the power of decorative items for their ability to enhance any room.

7. Embrace the white walls - although white walls get a bit of stick for being clinical and harsh, they can make for a gorgeous, serene and relaxing space, so embrace them! Don't fret being stuck with white, use your blank canvas to your advantage by creating a romantic all-white bedroom or adding pops of bright colour for an eclectic feel.

8. Add personality with a Gallery wall - just because you're renting doesn't mean a gallery wall is out of the question. There are several forms of removable picture hooks you can get, that can be easily removed when it's time to pack up.

9. Bring some life into the space - Because who doesn't love a space with a bit of greenery? Provided the room is relatively bright and keeping the little green fellas alive won't be too much of a nightmare, add some life to your rooms with plants, whether they're big or small. Or if plant maintenance ain't your forte a few faux blooms would do just nicely too.

So renting doesn't have to be all standard furniture and glum colours. With these few tips, you'll be loving your place in no time!

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