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Inside: Kasia's Stylish Scandinavian Rental

Inside: Kasia's Stylish Scandinavian Rental

Instagram is full of inspiring interiors. From established Designers to quirky shop-owners and talented homemakers, this platform is a constant source of inspiration and ideas for the home. When I first discovered Kasia Pohl on Instagram earlier this year, I instantly fell in love with her home's clean, Scandinavian style. Photographed in a casual yet striking style, Kasia's home and culinary creations are a feast for the eyes. Intrigued by Kasia's flair and style, I was particularly delighted to discover that her beautiful Scandinavian style home is in fact in Ireland. 

Originally from Poland, Kasia now lives with her partner of seven years and their two wonderful black labradors in Naas, Co Kildare. Kasia loves spending time outdoors, and captures stunning images of landscapes in Ireland and afar. Travel is something close to Kasia's heart, with Nordic countries being a definite favourite as well as the unspoilt, wild beaches of Croatia. 

For me Kasia confirms the notion that a talent for design is something that is in you. You can study every artist, architect and era of design but ultimately a genuine interest and an eye are paramount to design. An arguably innate ability. Inspired by her travels and interiors magazines, Kasia's effortless style highlights not only her keen eye but a carefully thought-out approach. With such a minimal approach, the pieces in Kasia's home all catch your eye. The simplicity combined with quality in each eye-catching piece means that the furnishings are not fighting against each other for your attention, the colours palette of black, white and greys allows for a clean contrast, combined with natural greenery for a fresh and inviting look.  

Kasia explains 'I just tried to replicate looks and things that I see. Quickly this turned into a real passion and now I draw my inspiration from all around me. I now have a fairly keen eye for special objects and most of the time I am rewarded with a unique look when I use these items.'

Kasia, when did you first move into the house and what attracted you to it?

We moved in on 28th of February this year into the house. We love old houses because they are charming and beautiful. We fell in love with the house at first sight. This house has lots of benefits for us: it has a huge garden which our dogs adore, the inside is charmingly quirky, it is close to town yet offers amazing privacy and quietness.

Where did you get inspiration for designing the house?

I have always loved interiors and photography. I love to read interior magazines and collect pictures on Pinterest. There are so many sources of inspiration, but over the last 5 years I have developed a big love for Scandinavian style and interior design. I have learned from it how to work with minimalistic, soft tones and a lot of white colour and wooden pieces.

What interiors shops do you like? 

There are so many of them, so it is hard to say. For the last 5 years we lived in Berlin and there are so many great interior shops, small and independent or big and bold. We were spoilt for choice really. We travel from time to time and I loved visiting interior shops in Amsterdam, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

My favorite shop in Berlin is Bolia.com

I have also discovered gorgeous interiors shops in Dublin. I love Industry and Irish Design Shop on Drury Street.

What do you love most about the house and why? 

I love the beautiful windows, they are unique and they give so much light into the rooms. I also love the fireplaces. They are not in use, but I can use them for decoration and candles. 

Where is your favourite place in the house and why?

My favorite place is the bedroom and the kitchen. I love to be in the kitchen, sitting at the big kitchen table and reading my books or magazines, enjoying my morning coffee or tea. The kitchen really is the heart of this house. 

I also love our bedroom. It's a big, bright room, the walls are white and apart from the bed, bedside tables and a small sideboard there is nothing else in the room. Very minimalistic and very Scandinavian. 

What tips or advice would you give other renters when doing up a home?

Talk to your landlord in detail if you want to make changes. Remember that it is not your property and what you like might not be beneficial for the next renter and you might be asked to revert the changes you made. Other then that, make it yours. People like to work a lot with colours in rooms and walls, add to that layered curtains and you might be surprised how limited you suddenly become in decoration. You loose light and a room can quickly feel cluttered. We treat the walls like the setting in a gallery. White and clean to give attention to our objections, or beautiful wooden floors. Also, light is instrumental. Colours on the wall eat light. Finally: less is better than more. Alway focus on a few highlights, don't clutter or everything will loose its effect in a room. 

Aside from your home, your flair for style can be seen in your amazing food photography, where does your love of food come from?

It's all just a hobby. I am very passionate about quality ingredients and food, and with practice have become quite good at all sorts in the kitchen and also in various different cuisines. Instagram and pinterest kindled my curiosity for food and interior photography and so this became something of a natural progression.

To see more of Kasia's stunning imagery, check out her beautiful instagram account.

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