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11 Creative Alternatives to the Traditional Headboard

11 Creative Alternatives to the Traditional Headboard

Headboard Alternatives

Like many pieces in your home, a statement headboard is an excellent opportunity to express your personality and create a bedroom focal point that portrays your taste and individuality. Headboards will first and foremost frame your bed, but their dominance in the room also makes them a great tool for offsetting the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

For me the real beauty about the space above your bed is the design potential – it’s a space where you can achieve something unique and striking, that is designed on your own terms. And best of all, there are tonnes of innovative ways to dress this space without spending hundreds on a new headboard.

So if you’re dying to add some charm to your bedroom without breaking the bank or if you’re just craving something slightly unconventional, I’ve complied a list of 11 really cool alternatives to the traditional headboard:

1. The Lace Stencil Headboard

 Image Source:  Farrow & Ball

Image Source: Farrow & Ball

2. The Paint Panel Headboard

 Image Source:  vtwonen.nl

Image Source: vtwonen.nl

3. The Timber Bedhead

 Image Source:  Urban Outfitters

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

4. The Barn Yard Board

 Image Source:  Country Living

Image Source: Country Living

5. Colourful Art Overhead

 Image Source:  Domino

Image Source: Domino

6. The Shelfie

 Image Source:  Shakemyblog

Image Source: Shakemyblog

7. The Vertical Stencil

 Image Source:  Bon Temps Beignet

Image Source: Bon Temps Beignet

8. The Wallpaper Panel

 Image Source:  alvhemmakleri

Image Source: alvhemmakleri

9. The Textured Canvas

 Image Source:  frederikvercruysse

Image Source: frederikvercruysse

10. Contrast Quote Artwork

 Image Source:  interiorsbystudiom

Image Source: interiorsbystudiom

11. The NY Skyline

 Image Source:  nicestthings

Image Source: nicestthings

I hope this post will give you a few ideas and get your creative juices flowing! 

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