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10 Rooms That Prove The Power of Art

10 Rooms That Prove The Power of Art

Whether you're into pared back chic, eclectic elegance or rustic living, wall art is a great tool for adding personality, interest and a little bit of wow to any interior scheme. Check out these 10 spaces that prove what art can do for your home:

Art will speak for itself and need little else. This simple bench and dramatic modern art combo need nothing else. Their complimentary colours speak for themselves. (Image source: Laura Moss)

Art will enhance the mood of a room. Want a dark and dramatic scheme? Or maybe light and airy is more the mood you seek? Use your artwork to set the mood. (Image source: Issuu)

Art will make for a dynamic and less static space. Feel like your room is a lacking a bit of energy or movement? You can mix things up with some large, dynamic art pieces. (Image source: Design-Milk)

Art can be used to catch the eye and create a focal point within a room. This bedroom art gives an immediate impacts in an otherwise simple bedroom. (Image source: Camille Styles)

Art can be used to echo the colours in the surrounding space. (Image source: Camille Styles)

Art can inhabit outdoor walls for some unexpected impact. (Image source: Elle Decor)

Art doesn't need to be loud and colourful to have impact. Elaborate techniques and textures will offer just as much in a clean, white scheme. (Image source: Stylizmo)

Art can be used to introduce colour in a neutral space - the addition of a strong yellow and subtle grey abstract painting really lifts this neutral space. (Image source: Issuu)

Art will give the room a sense of personality. Select pieces that evoke an apt persona for the space. (Image source: martinich.com)

Art doesn't have to be extravagant or intricate to be powerful. Simple shapes, strokes or abstract pieces can have just as much presence. (Image source: Because I'm An Addict)

Fact: Art is a powerful tool in decorating a room. It's almost hard to imagine a room without art after looking through these images. Don't you agree? Do you have a preference for the type of art you like in your home? 

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