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Bedside Beauty: Dreamy Nightstand Alternatives

Bedside Beauty: Dreamy Nightstand Alternatives

It's nice to use something unexpected in place of a standard or traditional piece of furniture sometimes. Nightstands or bedside lockers can be expensive, especially when it comes to double bedrooms, because this means double the cost. But have you ever considered some of the existing pieces you already have in your home? Or what could you buy/up-cycle to create something really unique without breaking the bank? Here are a few excellent nightstand alternatives for guaranteed bedside beauty: 

The Swing Stand

This is a very cute and simple alternative to a traditional bedside locker. It's functional, unexpected and gives any room a lift by being completely unique. I also really like the inclusion of a basket underneath for some extra storage.

Bedside Chairs

Have a spare chair lying around? The older and more vintage the better! Who would have thought a chair would make such a great nightstand? But some nice greenery and a few stylish books makes for a great space, which is as unique as it is stylish!

The Hanging Table

This would make for a great little DIY project and with such a cute nightstand as the result who could resist? I love natural materials like wood, linen and jute, so this combo of rope and beautiful tree bark is a winner for me!

A Trunk Stand

Check out your nearest vintage shops and you're bound to find some cool trunks. These can definitely be mismatched for added charm, so if you're looking for two for a double bedroom you don't need to worry about finding two of a kind. Contrast = charm. 

Decorative Floating Shelf

If you're good at keeping things minimal and have a limited number of things you need on your nightstand then this could be the stand for you! A simple shelf idea, with great decorative detailing - this shelf may be small but it certainly doesn't lack impact! 

The Trolley Table

This idea may just well be a little bit of genius. There's great storage on this trolley with two shelves and the gold colouring adds a lovely warmth to the soft pink and white colour scheme. 

Up-cycled Tables

Again, this one could mean another trip to the vintage shop or second hand furniture store. Search for some great tables, with character and with a little TLC you'll restore these pieces to their former glory in no time! A simple basket underneath adds some extra storage and filled with lots of lovely textures is just perfect! :)

Freestanding Shelves

Try some uber Scandi simplicity in your room with a simple shelf stand and some clean accessories and greenery.

Bedside Baskets

One of the best things about using a basket as a bedside stand is that they'll give great texture to the room and contrasts the soft textiles like cushions, throws, blankets etc.

Book Stack Bedside

Are you a fan of little night reading to send you sleep? This cute idea is perfect for any book worms! You can stack the books however you want, or you can use magazines if you prefer, just make sure you have enough and that they are still in presentable condition! 

Do you have something unique you use instead of a bedside locker? Or would you be tempted to try any of these ideas? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below :)

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