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Making Storage Stylish

Making Storage Stylish

The realities of modern home life don’t always mirror the idyllic lifestyle scenes gracing the covers of Good Housekeeping and similar publications. But thankfully Interior Designers and Stylists are always working to develop storage solutions that allow everyday items from shoes to mis-matched plates to be displayed in a ‘show me off’ rather than ‘pack me away’ manner.

We can all be guilty of packing boxes and boxes of items away and forgetting about so much of the stuff we have. And there is nothing worse than suffocating the space between your mattress and your bedroom floorboard with boxes of junk and hoarded items. Not what the feng shui masters would advise!

But whether we buy into the beliefs of feng shui or not, the reality is a clear bedroom floor, and any floor space for that matter, makes for a clear head and the pathway to a more organised home. Thankfully the design world is constantly developing ways in which we can store our possessions in stylish as well as practical ways. From make-up to clothes, toys to laundry, here is a rundown for creating storage with style:

MAKES (1).jpg

1. Wire Basket, €12- €18 - Carolyn Donnelly for Dunnes Stores

2. Set of Two Baskets, Were €30, NOW €7.20 - Cath Kidston

3. Medium Rattan Storage Box, €25 Dunnes Stores

4. Plan To Wash Laundry Basket, £14 - Bodie and Fou

5. Rose Storage Basket with Pockets, €20 - Cath Kidston

6. Seagrass Mint Dipped Basket, €40.49 - Not On The High Street

7. Wire Basket, €22.50 Industry & Co

8. Extra Large Rattan Storage Box, €95 - Dunnes Stores

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