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Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

This version of hot chocolate has all the sweetness and comfort factor of traditional hot chocolate, with the main ingredients simply switched for slightly healthier alternatives.

In these cooler, winter evenings I struggle with cravings for something a little sweet and this mug of indulgence is my new favourite winter treat. And because this hot chocolate makes use of a superfood rich in antioxidants it comes without the guilt levels of the sugary, powdered version.

Dark chocolate has been linked to countless health benefits including heart health, improved circulation, raising good cholesterol and even building protection in the skin (read more here). However all these benefits aside, the bitterness of such a high cocoa content can often be off-putting to a lot of us. The beauty of this recipe is the natural sweetness from the hazelnut milk reduces the bitterness of dark chocolate considerably. 

If you are looking to keep this treat a little healthier it’s worthwhile checking the sugar content on the chocolate you buy, as some still have quite high sugar contents, generally less than 10g is what nutritionists recommend.

Of course you could make this on almond, soy, coconut or any other non-dairy milk as they all have a natural sweetness to them.

Seasoning the milk slightly brings out the cocoa flavour more intensely, you could also add some vanilla seeds or a little honey to the milk as you heat for another layer of flavour. 


Good Quality Dark Chocolate (I use Lindt 85%)

1 cup of hazelnut milk

A pinch of salt


1.    On a mid-high heat start to heat your milk in a saucepan

2.    Break your chocolate into small squares and add to the milk once it has become warm enough to melt the chocolate (approx. 2-3 minutes)

3.    Stir the mixture and leave on the heat for another 2-3 minutes or until the chocolate melts completely

4.    Serve in a big mug and enjoy!

And if you are in need of an extra indulgent treat sweet treat, a handful of marshmallows and roasted hazelnuts to serve.  

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