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A Bedroom Update

A Bedroom Update

It's been quite a while since I posted but I promise that's about to change. For the last few months I've been working on some simple bedroom updates, including a fresh new wall colour, a statement mirror and some new accessories. 

I had sort of hit a design block with my own bedroom. I wanted things that realistically I couldn't afford. I have accepted that custom paneling and parquet flooring will have to wait for now, but in accepting that I've also discovered something really important about designing spaces. 

Over the course of this personal design project I've accepted that a room isn't about the designer furnishings and expensive details that I have been yearning for. I knew my room needed work, but the reality was the design I want was way out of my budget. My mistake was I chose to wait and accept a room that didn't feel right.

In my pursuit of the perfect design, I was missing something critical. Design is about creating a feeling. Creating a space that elicits emotions and enhances your day to day life. One where you can wake up to a space that feels good but equally unwind in a calm and tranquil setting at the opposite end of the day. 

Now my bedroom does just that. As I write this, I sit on my fresh, wrinkled white bed sheets, in the room lit by soft bedside lamps, with my mind at ease to finally not be looking around at a room full of clutter. Long may it last.

This welcome change has shown me just how much our surroundings impact our mood. I love that everything now has a space and that (for the most part) my room is clean and clear of clutter. I have found that enjoying this space has in turn aided my day to day life. Because I enjoy being in the space I want it to be clean. When I see something out of place I fix it. Even just making the bed every morning means coming back to a space you enjoy which is something I had underestimated the value of before. 

One of the things I like most about the feel of the new space is the wall colour. I chose an adaptable soft grey. The beauty of this shade is the fresh and bright hue you wake to first thing in the morning as well as its cosy, soothing feeling during lamp lit evenings. It's a Colourtrend shade called Desired Dawn.

The other pieces in the room included a statement gold mirror from interiors shop Ology in Malahide. I had been in need of a headboard for a while but when I saw this mirror it got me thinking about potentially using it above the bed. I really loved the elaborate detail about this piece, and even though I generally opt for more simple pieces I think it has an amazing impact and frames the the bed beautifully.  

Several new additions for the room came from Etsy. A couple of months ago the lovely Anna from the Etsy team invited me to the Etsy meet up (see my last post on this lovely event here) and also gave me a very nice voucher to use across the site. I have a long, long favourites list on Etsy so it was really difficult to settle on my first purchase, but when I saw the stunning blue cushion from Pillows By Elissa I just fell in love with it. The intricate design and the vivid blue colour are so powerful and it works quite well with the blush pink cushions I picked up in Penneys. 

I also bought a pink floor rug from Etsy shop Skandihome as well as a print by one of my favourite Irish artists Lola Donoghue on Etsy. Lola's work is stunning. I love artwork for adding colour, texture and pattern to a design and Lola has such a talent for combining and balancing all three. Her use of colour is incredible and I absolutely love my print. It's called French Fancy II. I'm already planning my next purchase from her collection. 

Right now I am so happy with this calm and tranquil space. It feels like my space. It feels right.

Dresser Details: Featuring a lamp I picked up from TK Maxx, a Sostrene Grene vase, some of my own experimental artwork and my stunning Lola Donoghue Print in the background. 

Bright & Airy: The fresh, bright feel to the room now is one of the best things about my recent updates. 

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