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Vanilla, Lavender & Honey Ice Pops

Vanilla, Lavender & Honey Ice Pops

My love for all things floral has been well documented across this blog. And that floral obsession often finds its way into my food - a simple flower can totally lift a summer salad, add colour and femininity to cocktails or create an extra special dessert! 

Yes, flowers are my go-to, secret weapon of choice when I want to give something that extra special finish. What I especially love though is delicate floral flavours in sweet treats. Achieving a balanced flavour can be a task when using flowers in food, a little too heavy handed on the floral water and it'll taste like soap; but not enough fragrance and it'll go completely unnoticed. 

However, these gorgeous vanilla, lavender and honey ice pops are the perfect sweet treat. Full of sweet, well balanced flavours and free of sugar, wheat and eggs, with a soothing, comforting hum of lavender prevailing through each creamy bite. 

The recipe is essentially a fro-yo mixture, making these an excellent healthy treat for summer. Although, I also think the calming lavender would make a small bowl of this milky treat would be a great pre bedtime treat in the winter.  


Three Quarters of a cup of Milk

A handful of lavender stems (approx. 7/8)

A vanilla pod

Six tablespoons of honey

A cup and a half of real Greek Yogurt

A pinch of salt


Heat the milk on a medium to low heat with the lavender, vanilla pod and honey. Leave the liquid to heat slightly and add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavours. 

After a few minutes leave the milk mixture to cool completely, this will take about half an hour.

Once cooled, strain the milk to remove all the stalks and pod. 

Pour one third of the milk mixture into a bowl with the greek yogurt and combine gently. Repeat this twice until it is all combined.

Pour the mixture into your ice pop holders and freeze for at least four hours. And then enjoy!

Tip: Because sugar, eggs and cream all help to contribute to ice creams creaminess, there are a few things you can do to avoid an ice pop overly icy in texture.

You can add a shot of vodka (alcohol doesn't freeze, and apparently this works a charm). Or if you own an ice cream machine you can churn the mixture before placing into the moulds for about ten to fifteen minutes. 

Adjusting your freezer to the lowest temperature will also help, as the quicker ice cream (or fro yo) freezes, the less time crystals have to develop. 

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