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10 Interior Trends Pinterest Says You'll Love

10 Interior Trends Pinterest Says You'll Love

Although I'm an advocate for sticking to your own style and don't think we ought to worry too much about trends and fads, it's still so interesting to see what's getting people talking in the interiors world. And who better to tell us than online inspiration station Pinterest?!

Pinterest have just released the trends their stats predict to be the hottest interiors trends for 2016. The online platform which offers users a treasure trove of beautiful interior design ideas and imagery, has gained massive following and an analysis of the search history from it's hundreds of millions of users has led to some pretty exciting discoveries. Yep, those clever folks at Pinterest have determined what people across the globe are most interested in when it comes to home design. And even better, their results have predicted those trends which are here to stay and those that are merely a fad dying out.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate statement light to last a lifetime, tiles that won't date or colours that won't make you cringe, these trends will definitely guide you in the right direction. 

So here are the top 10 trends the guys at Pinterest are putting their money on for 2016:

1. Geometric Tiles

All things geometric have been making waves over the last year or two, and this year we're set to see these striking patterns hit our walls and floors with a huge surge in popularity for geometric tiling. Opting for simple colour schemes and patterns that don't become head-ache inducing will make this trend one you can live with long term. 

2.Scandi Design

So this one doesn't come as a total shock, scandimania had a massive impact last year in the design world. 2016 sees the emergence of Scandirabian design, which mixes the simple, clean quality we love about Scandinavian design with intricate and mystical style Arabian patterns, rich colours and materials.  

3. Hidden Wires 

So apparently we're all becoming little neat freaks looking to tidy away ugly wires. But who can blame us? No one wants a gorgeous room ruined by a tangled mess in the corner. This clever trick of winding a lovely chunky rope around wires tidies and adds another dimension of texture to a room.

4. Shades of Grey

No prizes for guessing this one! Grey is back and back to stay. This is one hundred per cent a good thing. Beige and magnolia are becoming the ugly sisters, to a Cinderalla named 'Greige'. This neutral combo of grey and beige was on everyone's hit lists last year and this year its no different! However the trend has progressed to layering several shades of grey and deep charcoals are becoming as popular as the softer grey and griege shades. 

5. Graphic Pillows

This year nothing says ‘I know my style’ more than some graphic pillows or cushions. We’re seeing a growing trend toward putting statement, patterned pillows against plain bedding. Personally speaking, this is a trend I’m loving and trying to introduce to add more colour to my very white bedroom. But this trend also allows personality come into our designs which is always a good thing. Whether you’re a number one pug lover or floral manic (meet your sister here!), fun graphic pillows allow you to express your individual style in a fun way.

6. Black, White & Organic Shades

Coming out of the growing popularity of Scandinavian style for minimal, organic colour schemes, black and white canvas are becoming more and more popular according to Pinterest's stats. The clean simplicity of these schemes can be so chic and elegant. You only have to look at some of instagram's key influencers to see their perfect black and white worlds to appreciate that minimal colour acts as the perfect canvas for stylish pieces to captivate your attention. Contrasting dark and light, and playing with interesting shapes makes for a really stylish space.

7. Wall Woven Décor 

I love, love, love this trend. Bohemian chic wall candy is where it's at and I'm definitely pinning lots of these ideas! They're a great DIY project or available in a variety of different styles to buy. Like this gorgeous one on Etsy. 

8. Space Saving 

Not necessarily a design trend per say but interesting to see space and storage are still ranking high in our Pinterest searches. These clever drawers are the ultimate in space saving storage and the pastel interior drawer colours mean they even look good open! 

9. One of a Kind Handmade Ceramics 

Move over mass produced delph sets, our tables & cupboards are making way for creative, one of a kind ceramics. Create a stylish display to stack on open shelving or an eclectic mix of pieces that dress your table with artistic flare and craftsmanship.   

10. Gilded Metallic Wallpaper

Metallics are as popular as ever, so much so we are adorning our walls in gold. Extravagant as it sounds, these wallpapers are available in a variety of price brackets, so you don't have to be decorating a 7 star hotel to make use of this trend. Interestingly on the metallic front, designers seem to be moving away from the warm coppers and rose golds of the last few years towards brass and gold shades. 

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